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The Story of Our Shop

Our story is pretty simple. We love animals, we love retail, and we love each other.


We wanted to bring a fresh concept to all the dog & cat lovers in Calgary. When choosing what brands to stock in our shop, we decide by looking at their functionality, aesthetic quality and uniqueness. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with and supporting many wonderful small businesses from around the world. We will continue to search for new and exciting products for you and, most importantly, for your pets to enjoy.


To bring this product altogether, we were very fortunate to have our close friends contribute. Our logo was designed and drawn by the incredibly talented Marigold Santos. Her extensive range of work can be found here. We were very thrilled with the end result, which features our cat Maggie and her dog Rex. We truly love it Goldie, thank you.


Our store fixtures were handcrafted with love and attention, and many laughs, by the hardworking and talented Yarko Yopyk of YRK YPK. Thank you Yarko, we love our shop.


Customers often ask us how we chose our name, The New Forest. It is a magical national park in the heart of southern England, and dates back to 1079. The villages are charming, the landscape is stunning, and many local horses roam free. It is a very special part of the world that everyone should try and visit.


We really love our little shop and hope you do as well. Please bring in your dogs and cats, we love to meet them all, and they love us because we fill them with treats.


Jen & Neil

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